House hunting, the 70’s and creative geniuses

It has been a brilliant week end so far. I have had a great time catching up with people and discovering a few things about myself too!

As mentioned in earlier posts, Prue and her friends have been house hunting; not an easy task given the current rental situation. They have asked that go with them to give my opinion on a couple of places they have booked for viewing next week. I think they see me as the voice of reason ,the one who has no emotional involvement! I can remember back to when I too , was house or flat hunting as a young woman. It was great fun, the sense of anticipation of new experiences, decorating and making a place my home.That was the 70’s and some of the best and most memorable times of my life. Since I was out on my own from the time I was 15, I had several years to enjoy my independence and enjoy it I did(for the better part). The lovers, friends,work,clothes, music and even a few mind altering substances thrown in!!!! I never thought those time would end and look back on them with great fondness, often.I hope that now will be remembered by Prue, in particular as some of the best she will ever experience.

My close friend is working on a portrait right now that is certain to shock a few people. He is a brilliant talent.I can’t wait to see the finished work. More about that later.


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