Cat & Mouse

What was a great week end went horribly pear-shaped last night.Prue called up to speak with me and unfortunately her father answered the phone; all hell broke loose.I will not elaborate further but I have told Prue in future,to call my mobile when she wishes to speak with me.

I just noticed the person I have mentioned on several previous occasions has visited again.He has been in my thoughts as he had once again, dropped off the planet and not replied to my last correspondence. I am not surprised as that’s become a familiar pattern over many years. I know you’re alive, so thats ok. lol


One thought on “Cat & Mouse

  1. Mouse or Cat (unverified): I have responded! Although I can neither confirm I did recieve all of you correspondence. Age does affect the memory. I must confess I thought I had replied to all. Apologies

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