My Wonderful Brother Daniel

I have just finished a long phone conversation with my brother Daniel. My sides are aching from laughter. He is one of the few people who can reduce me to tears with his sense of humour and I adore him. Today , he kept me amused with anecdotes about his work and also announced he has obtained his motor bike learners permit. I could not believe what I was hearing!It will certainly be a wonderful asset to ride to work, given he works a 24 hour rotating shift relying on taxis and I am genuinely pleased that he has decided to get a licence BUT, there are some people that should never be let loose onto the road and he is one of them!

Many years ago, I foolishly agreed to take him out for driving lessons and after 3 outings I knew if I continued I would end up on a slab in the morgue or confined to a psych unit.A few years passed before the subject of driving lessons was brought up again but this time D, being the smart arse that he is, was up for the challenge and decided nothing would defeat him, so arranged to take Daniel driving to a secluded housing estate where I was living at the time on the condition that they used my car and I came along for the ride. Reluctantly, I agreed (what I mistake that was)!

Within an hour they were wrestling around on the road. Daniel’s complete lack of co ordination and road sense frustrated D to the point where he began screaming and grabbing Daniel’s hand to show him how to change gears etc. The more Daniel and I laughed the angrier D became. It ended when I took the car keys and drove myself home, leaving the pair of them to make their own way home-a walk of several kilometres!

Once he bought a BMW with the intention of obtaining his licence, but relaised after it had remained idle in his driveway for 6 months, that that was not going to happen, so sold it back to the dealer with a total milage usage of 3.5 kms, the distance to and from the dealership.

He does however, have an affinty with horses(he owns an ex-racing broodmare) and although it would be amusing, using her as his means of transport is not particularly viable. Haha

We laughed so much today, particularly about our mother’s reaction which consisted a long silent pause, before she launched into 30 min blurb about bike riders being temporary Australians!

He said he will come down when his new bike is delivered in 2 weeks. Drivers, you have been warned! lol


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