Good Friends and A Job Offer

I received a call early yesterday afternoon from a friend, saying she was in the area and we should use the opportunity to catch up. It had been a few weeks since we have been able to sit and talk and we both had plenty to talk about!We are each other’s confidantes; that special friend with whom you can be totally frank,who will always offer an honest opinion and who shares your most intimate secrets.

We had a lovely afternoon/evening, covered a lot of topics and drank far too much coffee.

Out of the blue this morning, I have received a job offer from an acquaintance- friend of a friend.The offer was good and I appreciate being considered, but I have no intentions fo returning to the corporate world at this time, if ever.Really it was quite an awkward conversation. I did not feel obliged to share my reasons for not accepting but at the same time, wanted to express my sincere appreciation for being asked. Remuneration and perks were not in question, as I have my sights set on obtaining work in an outback communities as soon as a position becomes available.Still, it was nice to be approached.

Today, I have a meeting and have arranged to pick Prue up and drop her to an appointment this afternoon, down in Frankston. Prue and her friends think they have found a house and fortunately it is not far from where they are now-Parkdale. Still close to the beach , in addition to transport etc. which is good. They will find out next week if their application has been successful.


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