Desperately in need of some molly coddling and TLC

Nearly everyone with whom I have come into contact lately has had a cold and until now I have felt quite smug that I have managed to evade getting one too. That was until yesterday, while I was out with Prue and started feeling faint, feverish and generally unwell. I realised that the dreaded lurgy had caught up with me and by dinner time last night I was shivering, sad and sorry for myself!Unable to sleep, I decided to get up a few minutes ago and make myself a lemon drink and take a couple of panadol for the aches and pains. I was certain I had lemons but when I went to the fruit basket there were none, so I skulked out the back, reached over the back fence and picked a few from the neighbours tree. They are not being used, so I can justify to myself that ‘relieving ‘the neighbour of the lemons was not theft but making good use of them before they too, fell to the ground. lol I must try to get some sleep as I have organised to take Prue to her dental appointment this afternoon. I need some molly coddling and TLC.


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