Good news from the dentist

Thanks James for your comment and subsequent email.Very thoughtful of you. I am not really a sook. The big things like surgery and serious illness I can deal with, but simple things like a cold seem to wipe me out completely! Tomorrow I am going to try and spend the day in bed. I will see how long I

Prue had some great news at the dentist; she will not have to undergo a GA to have her wisdom teeth removed. Both she and I are very relieved, as any GA has a certain element of danger and Prue also has an aversion to hospitals.The happiness over her teeth was cut short, when she received a call from the real estate agent about the application they had submitted for the house in Parkdale. They were not successful and the house has gone to a famly.All the girls are disappointed but they have a couple of other properties to view this week end.

Thanks to those of you who continue to email.


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