Missing Work

Not having to get up and go to work each day is wearing thin. I still get up early and do the routine tasks I have to do around here but it is not the same as starting each day with a challenge. Most weeks I have commitments,have been assisting Prue with a few things and although I know I should embrace this time and enjoy the rest, I am finding it difficult.I have been informed that when I am ready to return to work, the NT has the work I am seeking, so it may be worth considering if nothing becomes available up there through the Fed. Gov.

Hearing from a good friend today, who is on her second stint north, this time at Alice Springs has not helped. She is enjoying the work, the lifestyle and is not looking forward to returning south.How fortunate she is to be doing work she believes in and having a great time to go with it!

Prue is not happy about my decision to go north but it is something I have to do for myself.The separation may be the best thing for her too. It is yet to happen so she may be worrying un necessarily.


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