A new site

As you can see , I have once again changed websites, Apologies for any inconvenience but the last site had plenty of problems(compatibility, etc). My beautiful daughter Prue told me how good this site is and I have to agree with her. She took control and admonished me for several things which included using a dodgy site, still using IE and for censoring myself (which I did April 18, 2008- sorry to the 2 readers who posted comments).Well, I have changed sites, installed Firefox and will not impose any self censorship from now on!Prue imported all the posts from the previous site and showed me the best features of using this site.

This all came about today because we had the afternoon to spare, thanks to me. We had appointments scheduled for what I thought was today (I even checked my diary last night, the times were correct, but I thought yesterday was Wednesday!). Consequently, I rang Prue early this morning to ensure she was awake and got down there to pick her up and make it to our appointments with time to spare- that we did have,24 hours to spare. Reminder to self; always wear glasses when checking appointments.

Thanks Prue for a great day and for getting this up and running. I will see you at the same time tomorrow and we will try to slip into the waiting room without too many jibes about your crazy Mama turning up on the wrong day!


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