Thanks for the emails and comments

I would like to thank everyone who has emailed and sent comments over the last week. I will respect any requests not to publish comments if you prefer them to remain private( hence the verification feature). I regularly receive comments where readers wish to comment but would rather it remain private and that’s fine by me. Also the old websites will be deleted shortly and this will be the only functional site. It is still under construction, so you will have to bear with me.

I have received requests to re-publish a blog I deleted (as per my last entry)but it’s gone, so that will not be happening. The reason I censored myself was because although the content was legitimate and truthful, it may have been too direct for some and caused offence, which was not my intention; actually it was the complete opposite but I felt it would have been misinterpreted.However I will not be censoring future entires and if that is going to offend anyone, I suggest you not visit this site.I have always been mindful of “other people”, most of the time to my own detriment. I want to be open here and if I have to worry about upsetting others , that is not going to happen.

There is so much I want to write about and have remained silent for a variety of reasons.If, by opening up a dialogue about a few sensitive topics(eg PTSD etc.) it may help others to discuss their own experiences and come to terms with them then it will be a good thing.Anything is better than suffering in silence, thinking you are alone. Where I can , I will provide useful links and invite others to also send links which i will publish here.

Everyone in Australia enjoy the long week end, but spare a thought about why today is a Public Holiday!


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