Keep your doors locked

Since the tragic murder of a young woman at Frankston yesterday there has been a very obvious police presence around here too, including constant helicopter surveillance. Apparently the suspect is still at large and presumed in the area. It is more than 30 hours since the incident and the police will not release a photo of the man they are looking for, only a detailed description. They know who they are after and this person has killed before and served time for murder and other crimes against women, in particular. Why not release a photo?I write about this as today, two neighbours expressed their concerns about being anxious as they live alone. I am also concerned for Prue, as she too is alone for most of the day.Hopefully they will arrest this scum soon, so he can be dealt with in the courts.

And to a regular reader I have not heard from for a few weeks; I hope you are keeping well.

Thanks Jackie and Belinda for your emails. It is always good to hear from you.


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