He’s been apprehended

The individual being sought by the police was apprehended in the early hours of this morning on the outskirts of Dandenong.Hopefully he will be taken to the remand centre and placed with the general population!

I abhor any violence, especially violence towards women and children who unfortunately seem to be on the receiving end of most physical , psychological and sexual assaults. Too often, the perpetrator s get away with it, as their victims are too frightened to speak out and those closest to the victims( the ones who are meant to protect them) turn a blind eye or make excuses for the perpetrator’s sadistic behaviour. It’s a control and power thing. I know from personal experience!

It was terrific to see Prue and her friends last night. They called around for a coffee and chat just before dinner. They have yet to find a house that is suitable as the rental market is very tight and they are beginning to feel rather dejected. If they cannot find anything, they will all return to their families , in the short term…. not the preferred option for any of them!


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