A great week end and an invitation to Sydney

It was a good week end. I did everything I intended to do which was great. However this morning, I have resigned from a professional association of which I am a member. I felt I could no longer be a part of an organisation (NGO) which has such a biased political agenda, when in fact it is supposed to be apolitical . It is an insult to the intelligence of the members and associates and proof that the association has been infiltrated by left wing agitators with their own agendas and political aspirations My resignation will be tabled at the Board meeting today, so that will create a few ripples(I wish I were a fly on the wall)!

Mum and Bill leave for Sydney this morning. They are spending 2 weeks holiday up there, sightseeing and travelling to places such as the Blue Mountains , where they will stay for a couple of days. For the remainder of their holiday they are staying at an inner city hotel, right on the Harbour. Yesterday,they invited me to join them when they get back to Sydney, for a few days which was lovely but I don’t think I will be taking them up on their invitation!


One thought on “A great week end and an invitation to Sydney

  1. A weekend with Bill and Marie? haha What I wouldn’t give to watch that unfold haha

    Good on you for sticking to your guns about what you believe when it comes to Capt’n Snooze. You’re right, they have an obligation to remain politically neutral and I think your letter will highlight their mistakes.

    Btw, sorry for falling asleep in the car! I was knackered! I slept til 10pm! Now can’t sleep haha Love you.

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