Lets do the time warp again!

Last night I slept for 7 hours straight and woke up feeling fantastic. Maybe it was because dreamed the wildest and most erotic dreams? Whatever the reason, if I woke up each day feeling the way I did this morning, I would be a very happy woman lol

This morning I began scanning photos , from the many albums and boxes of loose photos I have stored in the wardrobe. I suppose one day Prue will want them, so before they deteriorate scanning and copying them seems to be the best option. It has been taking forever, as in dispersed with the photos are letters, cards and mementos from relatives, friends and even old boyfriends!!It has been wonderful. I have found things I forgot I had and instead of concentrating on the scanning , I sat on the floor and began reading. It was like going into a time warp: a wonderful time warp: ecstatically happy to unbelievably sad and all the emotions in between. And the photos, well I have been laughing so much my sides are sore! 🙂


4 thoughts on “Lets do the time warp again!

  1. Hey Reena,
    It’s been a while! I have not been on line as we have been touring the West Coast for 6 weeks. The gigs have been unreal and we caught up with many old friends(even managed to do a few rides along the coast with Carol and a couple of the guys). We are back home and will commence recording in June.
    Trust you and your family are well. Drop me a few lines!

  2. Gary, it is lovely to hear from you.Wonderful to hear that the tour went well too.

  3. I would have liked to watch you all night! I am sure it wouldn’t have been all in your head!!!!! 🙂

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