Friday night roast and a call from the Grim Reaper

I want to wish Val, a dear friend, a fabulous birthday today. Have a wonderful day and I will catch up with you when I am up and around again to do something special to celebrate.

Last night, a cousin called from the country looking for my mother. This particular cousin is known within family ranks as the Grim Reaper (for obvious reasons) and last night was no exception. She wanted to tell Mum and I that a cousin died suddenly on Sunday night. I have to admit I was saddened and quite shocked as she was only 58 and had not been ill in recent years. It made me think about my own mortality, as 58 is not a random figure in the distance any longer! There was no way I was going to contact Mum and Bill in Sydney and spoil their holiday as nothing will be gained by it and they would not have made it back for the funeral in Numurkah today anyway.I think they would much rather visit the family on their return to Melbourne next week.Mum is vastly different to her cousin Mary (aka The Grim Reaper), who attends the funeral of every relative, neighbour and acquaintance she has ever met.Mum avoids funerals/ deaths and all that goes with them. She finds making conversation with grieving relatives difficult, even at our own bereavements. My father on the other hand was the complete opposite. He was the type who would ” arrive”, knew exactly what to say and how to put everyone at ease. During their marriage it was Mum who elected to stay home making copious amounts of food for the old man to take with him to the funerals.When each of her parents died and then my father, she handed over all the funeral arrangements for me to organise, which I did gladly. I seem to have inherited my father’s ease in dealing with these things which can be a mixed blessing( re: per recent discussions about her’s and Bills affairs). Prue has been made aware of my desire for a simple cremation and my ashes to be disposed of how and where she sees fit. No fuss, no elaborate displays of grief and no sadness. We live , then die and if one is fortunate to have loved and been loved along the way, that’s a bonus!

Prue and Lauren are coming for dinner on Friday night. They have requested a traditional roast dinner and one of my signature deserts (chocolate sauce pudding).Prue is still unwell too , so I hope she is feeling better by Friday.

Not surprisingly, the chardonnay socialists’ Budget last night omitted the most vulnerable individuals in the community.  😦

Thanks Kelvin for your messages. I will get in touch soon.


One thought on “Friday night roast and a call from the Grim Reaper

  1. Your sentence about life and death is direct,confronting and honest. I love it!!!!!!!!

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