Congratulations on securing the house and inconsiderate friends

After several frustrating weeks of house hunting, Prue and her friends have found a house. They are overjoyed as they had resigned themselves to returning to their respective families in the short term, until a house became available. They will not have the expense of storage , transportation, etc which is terrific.From all accounts, the house(a double storey, 4 bedroom, 3 bathroom)meets all their criteria, which also includes the pets!It is mid-way between here and the beach, where they are living now and close to most amenities. I know Prue is particularly relieved as she has other things on her mind right now besides worrying about a roof over her head. This is one less thing for her to worry about and that is marvellous.

I have not ventured out at all so far this week end as I am not yet 100% and it is too cold! Yesterday I snuggled up with Chev in a woolly blanket and slept for a couple of hours which was lovely. Tomorrow I have commitments nearly all day and I can’t postpone them(I do hope it has stopped raining by then).

At some time over the next week I have an expression of interest document to prepare for a friend. I was asked to do it last Friday( which I thought was a bit rich given I could not even stand up) and agreed to do it once I am up and about again.Big mistake! I must have been delirious at the time. I should have given this person piece of my mind there and then about their lack of consideration. I have given my word, so I will do it.

I am not being precious just a bit fed up with so called friends who think I am on call 24/7.


One thought on “Congratulations on securing the house and inconsiderate friends

  1. You could never be precious. How many times did you bail me out and don’t think I have forgotten it. You should be more gentle on yourself and ask for the assistance of others if and when you need it.

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