Why did I get out of bed?

Yesterday was one of those days where I wonder why I even got out of bed! I won’t go into specifics but suffice to say ,I had no control over any decisions or outcomes, yet I still managed to be dragged into matters to broker a satisfactory conclusion(so was Prue and we had opposing views, which threatened to create a bit of tension between us but we are fortunately, always able to discuss a matter through to it’s conclusion without getting personal- unlike the other individuals involved!) By the end of the day I was completely exhausted and looking forward to a quiet evening.

Mum and Bill have returned from their Sydney holiday and she called last night to say they were back. The appear to have had a wonderful time and they need another holiday to recover. She did say they were disappointed I did not go up to join them for a few days but for many reasons( including the flu) I decided against it. As spectacular as Sydney is, I now find it a very lonely place and not somewhere I would go to alone for a short break.Bill said he has 500 photos which of course he will catologue meticulously( and I think I can be anal. Hahaha).I am becoming more and more fond of Bill as he is opening up to reveal his real personality and he does have a great sense of humour but more importantly he is very kind to Mum.Kindness is a rare and underrated commodity and something to be cherished.

The organisation from which I resigned recently has baffled me. Now they have sent me an application to apply for a research grant( a joint initiative of the the organistaion and DHS)! I made myself perfectly clear that I could no longer participate in a politically driven environment and they send me this. Go figure?


2 thoughts on “Why did I get out of bed?

  1. I just want to remind you how much I appreciate the relationship we have. I’m always aware of how special our bond is, but sometimes I’m reminded how lucky I truly am… Yesterday was one of those times.
    You really are the best friend I’ll ever have.

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