Big brother and a free thinking daughter

Is it just me who feels overwhelmed by how over governed and regulated society has become? This was brought to my attention again this morning, while listening to talk back radio( yes I admit it, I like talk back lol) when a caller rang to say that the night before her bin is to be collected a recycling officer from the local council , patrols the streets inspecting each bin for “contaminated items”. I found myself talking back to the radio, saying that our council has had the bin police for years. Under the cover of darkness and armed with a dolphin torch, he skulks from nature strip to nature strip, with the grace of a panther ready to slap a large red sticker across offending bins stating the contents are contaminated and a written admonishment to go with it! Fair enough,people should be responsible but do we really need big brother peering into our refuse? Council by-laws! We have the dog and cat police and again, pet owners should be responsible, but it has got to the point where you almost have to record the DNA of your animal on some data bank, to prove that it was not your animal who defecated in the neighbours vegetable patch or local reserve.Smokers have been alienated, pre-mixed drink has had additional tax added (for consumer’s own good of course) and so it goes on and on. I will not get into it too much now because others may not be as tired of it as me. lol

I did have a very interesting conversation last night with Prue and all I can say is she is her mother’s daughter- thank goodness. She is not bound by convention or the opinions of others!!!


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