Too much time on the phone and a housewarming gift for Prue.

Although the weather was freezing, it was quite a good week end.Prue and Lauren called in twice while they were out and about,organising the lease for the new house. They got the keys yesterday and will commence moving a few manageable items in today. I was unable to go down yesterday to see the house but I will within a day or two.Prue is so relieved that they were the successful applicants, as there was another applicant who was offering higher rent to secure the house, after they had agreed with the landlord to take it. Good on the landlord/owner for acting with integrity(a quality rarely found in the land rats who handle most real estate transactions)!

I did catch up with a couple of friends over the week end and spent too much time on the phone. lol I want to go out later to buy Prue something for the house and also a birthday gift for a friend. It’s too nice to be indoors.


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