Confessions of a control freak

As it is cold( very cold) and wet here today I thought it was an ideal day to prepare the information required for my tax return . It will be quite straightforward and nowhere near as complicated as the returns I used to prepare for the business. I am well organised and have records, diary entries and receipts so it has been relatively easy.

It’s hard to believe that we are almost mid year! Lately there has been considerable discussion about my birthday , which is coming up soon. The very thought of it scares me; not the actual birthday, as I have never had issues about age but the thought of something being organised without my knowledge. I am such a control freak!!! Prue decided to tell me that she was considering contacting my best friend from school days and inviting her down from Queensland as a surprise but I had to ask that she not do it as my friend is married to a jealous, overbearing chauvinist who would not allow her to attend. All it would cause would be embarrassment for my friend and that is the last thing I want for her. Additionally, the last time we saw each other , she was not the independent woman she once was and it was sad to see how her personality had been crushed.I find each birthday quite a sobering experience. A time for reflection and self analysis and being a landmark birthday this year, I have to wonder what the rest of my life holds? One thing is certain I will not be around for another 50 years, so I am going to live each day and be happy for what I have and what the future may hold. My life may not be ideal but whose is?


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