Grief and discovering a closet prude

As I was out for most of yesterday and it is going to be a busy week end, I am catching up on a few tasks here.It was a very late night last night because I received a couple of phone calls which lasted for hours.One from my close friend who recently lost her husband (and my friend) Michael. She has been having a difficult time grieving as she is constantly reminded of him due to an on going legal issue between her and others contesting his estate. I feel inadequate and unable to provide her with any of the answers she is seeking. All I can do is support her and provide an ear as required. Our experiences of grieving are on the surface, different but really there are many similarities.She has lost the love of her life, her soul mate, confidante, lover and her pain is almost tangible. She of course can put on a mask to the outside world and appear to be coping well but it’s those times when she is alone,hears a song or passes a familiar place that she is most vulnerable. In her mind she relives their happiest and saddest moments and wishes she has the luxury of hindsight, to have acted differently but she can’t. Grief is such an individualised process and I am constantly reminding her of that. She will grieve in her own way and I will be available for her when she needs a friend- that’s all I can do.

The second call was at the opposite end of the spectrum!!! Why is it that my friends come to me for advice? My own life is in the twilight zone, neither here nor there yet I am the one who seems to be able to provide them with all the answers, be it about relationships, sex, family, etc. Anyway, it was a very interesting conversation and I discovered that someone I thought was open and uninhibited is really a closet prude. Haha.I think it was not until last night, she discovered that herself. lol

Prue and her housemates move into the new house this week end so I expect I too will be enlisted to help out!


One thought on “Grief and discovering a closet prude

  1. Hope you are having a good week end. I am off into town for dinner then on to see a band šŸ™‚

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