Shifting week end and an invitation to lunch

It is cold and foggy here today,not the best conditions for Prue to be moving house. Most of the relocation was done yesterday (thank goodness) but there are still a few things to be moved across to the new house, then a trip to the tip. I am still physically unable to do much as far as the move goes, so yesterday went down to the new place and prepared lunch for about 12 or so people who had turned up to help Prue and her housemates. After that I left them to it. Prue is fortunate that her father has shifted her  and she did not have to pay for a removalist; she has more possessions than I do! The only remaining task for her to complete is a thorough clean of the old house, then it’s done and hopefully she will not shift again for a long time.I hope the girls a very happy in their new home.

I have received some lovely emails over the week end, thanks Terry and Jackie( yes, I would love to have lunch with you and the others from work soon).


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