A week end in the mountains is too cold to contemplate

Thankfully, the week end is over and the stress levels of everyone are subsiding!!! Moving house can be difficult and Prue’s move was no exception but it’s done and now she can enjoy her new home.

I have been busy since early this morning (it is too cold to remain idle lol)as I will be out for the afternoon. I find winter difficult and long for the warmth of the summer months. I had completely forgotten about the long week end which is coming up and the invitation to go away with a friend to the country! I appreciate the offer but I am going to stay here as it is just too cold up in the mountains.Maybe go out for dinner and catch up with friends?

Hello I.H. 🙂 You certainly like to keep up to date with what’s going on don’t you? What is that really about? Think about it. I would love to know if you feel like telling me sometime(sans the b/s)?


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