“The Secretary” – James Spader at his best

I am really looking forward to this long week end. Although I have decided to stay in town I am going to make sure I have a terrific time.I am going to introduce a friend to one of my all time favourite films- The Secretary and a couple of similar genre. For those who are not familiar with The Secretary(starring James Spader- now isn’t that enough reason to watch it anyway?), I suggest they track a copy down at their local video shop or buy a copy on line. It has to be the most erotic movie I have ever seen( especially if you have an inclination to enjoy the more adventurous side of life lol). I am looking forward to my friend’s reaction to the film.

As mentioned in an earlier post this week, weather permitting, I am going to go down to Mornington to check out the work of the guy who is making the furniture using Klimt images.There is quite a bit going on down the peninsula this week end so it should be good and on the way home I am going to call in at the Chelsea art show.I am glad that my energy levels are slowly returning to normal!!!


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