A superb week end and a bastard landlord

It was a superb week end which included catching up with my friend on Saturday and a long lunch at a favourite restaurant yesterday. The weather wasn’t too bad either compared to how it would have been up at the alps.Everywhere I went over the week end, people seemed to be happy and enjoying this last long weekend until Melbourne Cup in November, which was great. Lunch yesterday was fantastic; great food and company , although it was so noisy at times, conversation was impossible!

Unfortunately, Prue is experiencing problems with her ex-landlord regarding the return of her bond. After further investigation with the agents, current and previous tenants of his various properties this is the landlord’s standard practise. He takes all his tenants to VCAT, regardless of the condition report or statements of the agents to with hold the bond money. I had several conversations with Prue over the week end and she is going to preempt him, obtain statements from all the tenants she can,including the condition reports and make an application to VCAT herself to seek compensation from the landlord for not supplying heating( an essential repair and required by law to be affected within 3 days) for almost 12 months. She is also going to ask her girlfriend( a solicitor) to draft a letter to the landlord and represent her at VCAT.All too often we hear about the “tenants from hell” but this is undeniably a case of the “landlord from hell”. This is the last thing she needs and it has really detracted from the excitement of shifting into her new house.

Thanks for all the emails over the week end too. I will reply to each of them in a day or two.


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