I am getting a new bathroom -Yeah!

I have been busy this morning designing a new bathroom- bliss! The catalyst was when I was in the shower on the week end and a wall of tiles collapsed onto me. I was lucky I was not cut to pieces and managed to escape with bruising and a few scratches.The bathroom suppliers have such wonderful design tools now which has made it really easy and the fittings- superb.

Tomorrow , Prue is having two wisdom teeth removed and is feeling slightly apprehensive about it. I have been doing all I can to reassure her that she will be fine and she seems to be ok about it- for now. Her appointment is early, so it will be over and done with so she does not have to think about it all day.I anticipate she will come here for a day or two to recover and make the most of some molly coddling


2 thoughts on “I am getting a new bathroom -Yeah!

  1. Thanks Terry, you are a such a good friend. My minor injuries will heal and a new bathroom will come from it! Prue had to reschedule until this week but I have passed on your best wishes.

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