Joyously good news after a nightmare of a day

As mentioned in the last entry, Prue was scheduled to have her wisdom teeth removed yesterday. That was the plan. About 10pm Wednesday night we spoke on the phone and she mentioned she was feeling unwell and had an excruciating headache behind the right eye.My first thought was severely infected sinuses, as she has had a lingering cold/flu bug, so I was not over concerned about any neurological problems but knew that she would be in immense pain and suggested she take some heavy duty analgesics and try to sleep .The headache got considerably worse and she called me in tears at 2.30am, so it was decided that she would try and get a bit of sleep and I would take her to the hospital casualty as early as possible(as I reasoned that she would require probably require scans and emergency treatment- which she did).There was talk of a lumbar puncture(terribly frightening for her) as they had first suspected an aneurysm(horrifying and a nightmare conversation for me as it is all so different when it is your own child). She was admitted and spent the day hooked up to an IV for fluids, pain relief and undertook a battery of tests and scans. It was with joyous relief that the medical staff announced that she was in fact, suffering one of the worst sinus infections they had seen and was immediately administered high strength antibiotics and after several hours was discharged on the condition she came home with me, where she could be observed and cared for. What a wonderful conclusion to what was a nightmare day for Prue . She is finally resting now and hopefully the antibiotics will begin to do their work overnight. I have to admit, I was terrified that she may have had an aneurysm and I suggested she take some pain relief and try to get some sleep last night!!!!! If she had, I would never have forgiven myself 😦


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