Memories of college days

Today I have been catching up with friends from years ago, who have contacted me through Facebook.It’s been lovely and one of the women is trying to organise a get together for several of us who attended girls’ college together. I have to admit, I have shied away from school reunions and not attended one before.Although I loved school and received excellent grades,my memories of that time of my life are not particularly good. I seem to associate my horrendous family memories with school days and to be honest I have tried for years to forget those times. I realise they are completely separate issues but they occurred simultaneously which has meant revisiting school days is something I have tried to avoid.School was my refuge, somewhere safe where I could relax and be happy, albeit for 8 hours per day.

Thanks for the messages about the Q&A yesterday and for the comments I have received recently(public and private).


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