More Q&A

Do you live in the city or country?


Do you play a musical instrument?

Not now but I used to play piano

Favourite food?

Seafood of any kind.

Have you been hypnotised?


Have you ever participated in a ménage trio?


Do you ski?


Have you been camping?


Where would be your ideal location?

Living on a small acreage in North Queensland

What is it that can instantly turn you off a man?

Hmm, where do I start? Lies, unreliability bad underwear, socks with holes and careless grooming but the list could go on for 5 pages but men are great!

Favourite sports at school?

Swimming, basketball, netball and athletics

Did you have a happy childhood?


How were you closest to as a child?

My nanna, I still miss her

Have you had an abortion?


Have you ever been convicted of a crime?


Do you have strong political convictions?


Worst job?

Bean picking in 45 C temperatures

Have you been attracted to a woman?


My best achievement is ————————-

Giving birth to my daughter

Do you forgive easily?

Forgive yes but I never forget

Do you correspond with friends abroad?


What makes you happy?

Love,food, shelter, long emails & letters, lively conversation, thunderstorms, rain on the roof, Prue, good friends & Chevy cat lol


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