Each winter I promise myself it will be my last in Melbourne!

It has been absolutely freezing here. Each winter I make a promise to myself that it will be my last winter in Melbourne but it doesn’t happen. Winter and I don’t agree at all!

Today I have been out and about trying to spend as little time as possible outdoors as I went about my business. It is school holidays here and everywhere I went were crowds of children, driving their poor parents crazy. lol

Yesterday my girlfriend called around after she had been for a massage. I was so glad to see her as she has been secluding herself and going through a rough time.She knew I was there for her but she said she needed some time to allow herself to go through another phase of the grieving process(Her husband Michael died late last year) . Much of what she is feeling is guilt and although completely unwarranted she feels it just the same. She misses her life partner and can see no joy in her immediate future, which is understandable.

Grieving is such a personal thing. Some individuals can move on with their lives, others are inconsolable. My experiences of grief have been varied and there is loss from which I will never recover, but that’s life and nothing can change that. My friend has decided to attend grief counselling , which is a positive step and I hope it helps her deal with her pain, for her sake and that of her family.


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