Gazing down onto the street below at young men meant instant detention

It has been a pretty good week end. Yesterday I went out to look for bathroom fittings and suites and I was in heaven. The designs, textures etc. absolutely wonderful. It has been so long since I was this excited about an interior project- probably since I did it for a living! For years I have always been careful as far as finances are concerned and there was always something I deemed more important than the bathroom(as much as the very sight of it made me cringe). I have to reign myself in a bit as I do not want to alienate potential buyers for resale, so It will be stylish, neutral and maybe just a splash of personality.I also dropped in for a short visit with Prue which was good and met the guy she has been seeing. He appears to be very nice and seemed personable enough, which I am glad of.

Today I heard from another ex- college friend who has traced me through this blog. She wasn’t sure if it was me , but when she saw my photo(eeek) she said she recognised me immediately. She was a couple of year levels above me but I always travelled with her group on the bus to school each day( a big deal to be invited to the rear of the bus, particularly a junior!). She recalled all the hi jinx we got up to , which was very tame when I think back on it. It was such a strict girls college that misdemeanours such gazing down onto the street below at young men passing to go to the local tech. school, meant detention. I would not change any of it and those times were always great. I loved school as it was my sanctuary. My friend has not moved far from where we grew up and seems content to remain there. Good for her! Frankly, I find even passing through the town difficult, as it has changed so much.When I replied to her email she was so happy to hear from me which was lovely.

Thank you too to Jackie for your messages and Kelvin for making me laugh through Facebook!


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