One would think we are living in mainland China

What sort of community are we becoming? One would think we are living in mainland China rather that the democracy Australia is supposed to be. Have others noticed the strong arm tactics being employed by the authorities when anyone tries to voice disapproval or protest against a Government decision ? Yesterday, the Victorian Government disgraced itself when it forcibly removed, then arrested locals who were peacefully protesting against the desalination plant at Wonthaggi. No matter that the local community or the Victorian electorate had no input whatsoever-Fuehrer Brumby and his brown shirts have spoken – you will have this and anyone who fails to toe the line will be carted off to stalag Port Phillip to be re educated!The same tactics are being employed for the protesters against the dredging of the Bay. Seems the Government is quite specific about the protests it allows. They allow a rowdy gang of semi naked taxi drivers to take over the main intersection in the CBD, disrupting business and transport for a day, without question and what about their union mates who a free to rally and protest at will against private employers? Question the Government and they swoop faster than a seagull on a hot chip! The Federal Government is no better or the NSW Government for that matter( re: upsetting the faithful there to attend the Youth Congress). What are we becoming?


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