Prue & I have been invited for lunch in the city

I have just arrived from home and not before time either as it is windy cold and wet outside.The rain is desperately needed so I should not complain.

I had a good week end and spent time with a friend for most of Saturday, visited Prue and selected the tiles for the bathroom( locally too , which was good).

Mum contacted me a couple of days ago and she and Bill want to meet Prue and I in the city for lunch on the 5th August. Bill is having a ring made for Mum, through a diamond wholesaler in town and they will be down to collect it then and want to  catch up for my birthday too, so as they will be travelling down by train for the day, it is easier to meet them in there.I am going to suggest Soul Mama’s and even though it is in St Kilda, I am sure they will not mind the short journey by tram as the the food and atmosphere is great. If they have time, Prue would like them to visit her new house as they have not seen it yet. She has really settled in and they all seem to be getting on well together, which is wonderful.


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