What a fabulous week end.

What a fabulous week end. I am still hyped from the jump on Saturday and can’t wait until I can do it again. Early Saturday morning the weather looked unfavourable and as instructed, I called the airfield an hour prior to leaving home to ensure that the jump would go ahead. Staff there asked me to leave immediately as there was a brief window where the weather looked suitable and they would aim to get me up in the air asap. Every one at the jump school( Commandos) were fantastic, especially Darrius, my instructor and Eric, the cameraman. Darrius put me through a simulated jump and told me of all the “bad things”( his words) that could occur if I failed to take his instructions on board but he was wonderful and great fun too.I was the only one jumping that day and consequently there was a huge crowd of spectators(which normally would have terrified me but I enjoyed it !).

After leaving the ground we flew down the coast to Phillip Island via French Island to gain height and once we reached 10,000 ft, headed back towards the drop zone. The weather could not have been better, although everyone on the ground told us later that the plane disappeared into the clouds and they could not see the actual moment I left the plane. They did however get to see us( a spec in the distance free falling , then after the parachute was deployed, doing a few hairy manoeuvres, courtesy of Darrius, One of the staff members commented to the group who were watching on the ground that normally the instructors will not attempt such things unless they are very confident that the person jumping can handle it. I was up for it and agreed to anything he could offer!!!!!


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