I know she is going to feel positively ill when she watches it.

It is rather difficult to get mobile today as I had a late night last night. A group of us went out for dinner- the company was great but the food left much to be desired. It didn’t deter us from having fun and we laughed all night. Prue has been intermittently unwell for most of this week and even though I wanted to postpone last night until she was well, she insisted we go ahead with dinner. She was ok for a while and then the nausea took hold and she was unable to eat or keep down anything , including water.She refused to leave until we were all finished dinner and once out of the restaurant, the fresh air seemed to help her considerably. Thank you Prue for doing that for me but I would have much preferred you had cancelled and rested until such time as you could have enjoyed the night. We will have to go out again for a night on the town when you are up to it. Although ill, her sense of humour was still intact and she almost caused a scene when she tried to catch the eye of a guy who was trying to get my attention all night. I think she had a gesture or two in mind, so it was probably a good thing he did not look up LOL. My overprotective daughter!

We are meeting up with Mum and Bill in the city for lunch on Tuesday which I am looking forward to. I have a copy of the sky dive for Mum and I know she is going to feel positively ill when she watches it. She hates heights and watching me jump out and free fall for almost 8,000 ft before the chute opens is going to freak her out!


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