What an epiphany!

Over the past week or so I have realised that for many years, I have been suppressing the outgoing and fun loving side of my personality. The catalyst is something I will not disclose but it coloured my views about many things for years. For a long time I harboured feelings of hurt and grief and although I will always feel the grief of loosing someone I loved and will always love . I no longer feel hurt, damaged and unworthy of accepting love and being truly happy again.What an epiphany! People who know me well have commented on the changes they have seen in me, perhaps more obvious to them as they knew the me I was and saw the me I had become; an introverted and rather sad person who avoided intimacy , for fear of being hurt again.I am now ready to love and be loved, rather than sabotage or reject anyone who gets too close to me. I feel alive 🙂


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