I have very mixed feelings about Father’s Day.

Later today I am going out to buy a gift for Prue to give her father tomorrow. Due to his expensive hobbies,buying a gift to suit his tastes is way beyond Prue’s means and he would not expect her to spend large sums of money on him but that does not mean he does not have expectations of a gift anyway!A group of us have arranged to go out for lunch tomorrow, which should be nice.

I have very mixed feelings about Father’s Day. My father was a very complex man. He was a pillar of society, typical good bloke to everyone,well known for his sporting achievements,coaching skills and an astute business man but behind closed doors he could be tyrannical, violent and extremely cruel. He would blow hot and cold and I always knew the best way to survive was to be as invisible as possible!Unfortunately, the majority of my memories of him are tainted by those early experiences and it was not until his last weeks that we came anywhere near what could be described as a father /daughter relationship. I always vowed that I would have a strong , loving relationship with my own child and I think I have succeeded.

It’s a beautiful day and would have been perfect for going down to Tooradin but that will have to wait until next week end now.

Thanks Terry for the beautiful poem you sent me this week. You are very talented!


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