Karen, please send me your email address.

I have just got off the phone from my brother Daniel. He makes me laugh so much. He was anxious to tell me some tests he had done on Friday were all clear. That was a relief as I have been concerned about his health as he has not been particularly well lately. He told me he had spent some time with my sister Karen and that she reads this blog! Karen, please send me your email address so we can keep in touch :).

We did not get back home from lunch until late this afternoon. It was lovely, the food beautiful and as expected very , very noisy. We went to Springvale as we have not been there for quite some time and we are never disappointed.No dinner for me tonight.

I am hoping to hear from a friend with whom I have lost contact. For whatever reason, they disappeared but then that has happened before , many times before so as long as they are well and happy, I suppose I have no reason for concern. I did however hear from a good friend this morning , excited that she is due to commence holidays from tomorrow evening. She has a friend out from the UK who will be staying for a few weeks and is looking forward to spending some time as a tourist in her own country. Have a terrific holiday Val!


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