A regular occurence when you are part of an exceptionally large extended family

Last night , I received an unexpected call and it was Mum and Bill, who were booked into a motel at a nearby suburb. They had just driven through from Mildura after attending a relative’s funeral(a regular occurrence when you are part of an exceptionally large extended family, both maternally and paternally) in Cobram. They thought as they were in Cobram, they were not too far away from Mildura, so they went on a stayed there  for a few days. Whilst they were there they caught up with the French side of the family and Bill gathered plenty of information for the family tree project.

It was lovely to see them, although  have to say I was very embarrassed because we had already had dinner and all the other food was in the freezer. Not even an egg in the house to prepare a basic omelette!I pride myself on my hospitality and ensuring no one leaves my home hungry. lol Fortunately, they arrived with a pizza for their dinner. They stayed a few hours and we had an enjoyable visit.

Yesterday, I commenced my annual spring cleaning regime. I have resisted going too mad but it is satisfying to get it done.In between, I have plenty to keep me busy 🙂


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