Maybe it’s me being naive and I am the odd one out?

It was re-assuring to receive my annual super annuation statement this morning and see that my benefits have not taken a dive since the market down turn( not that my fund is anywhere near substantial). At least Prue will be the beneficiary of any insurance attached to it. I have made certain that I am worth more dead. lol

I have received a few emails and comments about yesterday’s entry. That got me thinking about how much value we really place on friendship, true friendship and how easy it is to be mislead into thinking we actually mean something to others. Maybe it’s me being naive and I am the odd one out who means what they actually say? I am really over so called friends and their bull shit, who live in a fantasy world where the world revolves around them, who have no concept of truth, honesty not to mention integrity. I have recently distanced myself from a few of those “friends” because the bottom line is- they are not worth it. I am a patient woman who understands that human nature is complex but even my patience has its limitations. The truth is, they are not worthy of my friendship and it is they who are the loosers.  I am not blowing my own trumpet and am the first to admit that I  too, have my moments but life is too short to emotionally invest in individuals who care about nothing else in life except themselves!


One thought on “Maybe it’s me being naive and I am the odd one out?

  1. You have identified a growing concern of mine here. It appears that in recent times everyone is out to look after themselves, no matter what the cost. Loyalty has disappeared and emotional intelligence is negligible.Why build relationships when they are based on such rocky foundations? We all need to get back to basics and take a good look at ourselves.

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