I have spent several hours being ruthless with my wardrobe.

The brilliant weather has been a wonderful motivator.I have spent several hours being ruthless with my wardrobe. To put this in to context I have four sets of clothing. Casual day , work.special occasion and what I like to call my white king clothes(which are reserved for house cleaning exclusively)and are a standing joke with Prue, who thinks I should wear more appropriate gear to perform domestic tasks. I hasten to add that these never are worn anywhere else or for any other purpose than house work.Anyway, I decided some of the aforementioned were getting a bit tired and have relegated them to the bin, which should bring about shrieks of joy from my darling daughter!I have taken a good look at my other clothes sorted everything that is suitable for the charity shop and kept the rest. A few years ago, we had a garage sale and put out many designer outfits  at give away prices but no one was interested. People seem to be interested in absolute rubbish, the tackier the better, so I gathered up the outfits and took them to the op-shop, where I am sure someone would have got a real bargain and the op- shop benefited too.

Shoes are my other bug bear. I never wear then out and I find it diff cult to justify throwing out good shoes.I have shoes that are 30 years old which are the height of fashion today.Just goes to prove that if you keep things long enough they become fashionable again!

Thanks Carlos 🙂


One thought on “I have spent several hours being ruthless with my wardrobe.

  1. Hi there, I have only recently found your Blog(through WordPress).You write well and manage to bring some light and shade to every day life.Cheers

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