Good things are supposed to come to those who wait

It seems that yesterday’s entry struck a chord with many readers, judging by the referrals and responses I have received.For the record, I am not oblivious to the fact that anyone’s circumstances can change over night, sending them into a dire situation; I know, I have been there myself. That was not the rationale behind the article, what I am talking about is those who feel the need to “keep up with the Jones” and individuals who want what their parents have taken all their lives to accumulate.Good things are supposed to come to those who wait- but none of us are very good at waiting for anything, I know I am not  LOL

It’s Grand Final Day and today I will stop what I am doing to watch the first bounce. It is always exciting , after all the anticipation.After that, unless it is a tightly contested game, I will go about my usual business. I come from a family of footballers and I have an interest in Geelong too , as my cousin Mark is the coach!


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