The joys of being part of a large family!

It is such a beautiful day here that I decided to go completely mad outside cut the lawn and tidy up around the garden. A bit of sun and I am out enjoying every moment of it, although I am exhausted because I mowed the lawn twice. It was quite long and had been annoying me for a couple of weeks , so this perfect day was the ideal opportunity to get out and do it.I did have plans to go out for lunch but now it will be dinner, which is probably better anyway as far as parking is concerned.

Mum called about an hour ago to tell me that my late father’s sister  has been diagnosed with a terminal  illness(which I already knew because of my conversation with Daniel on Friday night) and also to tell me that they will be in town tomorrow for 2 days. Bill certainly keeps my mother on the move- they are never home!Good on them, life is too short to waste a moment of it.She also told me that 2 of my other brothers( there are 5 in total) are not speaking. What would our family be if someone was not speaking to someone else. It seems to be a family trait, so who can blame me for keeping my distance( and nose) right out of it?They should get over themselves. lol The joys of being part of a large family!

I have to say that  the peace and quiet here has been magnificent. I am very happy with my own company(and Chevy of course)after all, I did leave home very young and spent years living alone so the solitude never bothers me, in fact it is something I could easily get used to again!


One thought on “The joys of being part of a large family!

  1. Reading about your family always has me in fits of laughter.They can’t be that bad(can they?)lol.

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