I just hope he is keeping well.

Friends are wonderful, they really are but sometimes they can suck the life right out of me. I had quite a busy morning planned when I received a call from a friend, wanting to debrief and ask my advice about a particular situation.Of course I am only to happy to lend an ear but I cannot offer advice, maybe point out all her options but I can’t solve her problems. She has to make her own decisions and live with the outcome. So when our conversation finally concluded, I had plenty to do!

It has been lovely to receive so much feedback about posts, both recent and archived. I enjoy sharing information and learning about those who visit here. The feeds are also very popular, which is good I suppose for those who like to keep up with snippets from the daily posts. I find them handy myself , as I rarely have the time to read  other blogs in their entirety.

I am still none the wiser what has happened to the friend I have mentioned from time to time, but I  have no intention of contacting him personally. I just hope he is keeping well 🙂

For anyone who is a fan of the late Rennie Ellis, there is an exhibition of his work at the Ian Potter Gallery(NGV) 31.10.08


4 thoughts on “I just hope he is keeping well.

  1. I am also looking forward to the Rennie Ellis exhibition. If only my work were half as good as his. Several of us are going to dinner then on to the opening.

  2. Thanks for your email. I appreciate it that you cared enough to respond. I am sorting everything out and will be in touch. Life looks a bit brighter 🙂

  3. Hello humbug!
    Just thought I would say Hi! And I hope you went and enjoyed the sunshine in the hammock today! 🙂

    Btw, if IH doesn’t get in touch, he is a fool.

  4. This is a nice surprise! I gardened instead but it was lovely outside in the sun.
    Don’t forget. xxxxx

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