What a sad indictment of the times it is.

What a sad indictment of the times it is, when yet another elderly person has been found alone after several weeks, dead in their flat. The same situation occurs frequently with  the homeless.No one deserves that.This is the fourth reported death in as many weeks, under identical circumstances. As a society we should be ashamed that tragic events such as these are happening.What has happened to community? It appears that life is just too busy to be bothered about elderly relatives, neighbours or even acquaintances. Admittedly, many people prefer their privacy and keep to themselves but surely some system can be implemented, such as a program which was in place(I am not certain of the status now) by one of the welfare groups, such as Salvation Army, etc.Possibly as an option for the “work for the dole” initiative, where individuals can be visited daily at their home or on the street, by those on welfare support payments, who would undergo a security clearance. There is no need to gain access to their home( so security/safety is not an issue) and if the resident does not respond, an alert could go out to family and medical/welfare authorities.It’s something to think about anyway.I know I get worked up about this sort of thing but I am passionate about looking out for those who are not able to look out for themselves, due to illness or personal circumstances.


One thought on “What a sad indictment of the times it is.

  1. You are brilliant at what you do,I know,I have seen you in action.
    Have a fantastic week end 🙂

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