Dinner has always been a special time of the day for me.

Dinner has always been a special time of the day for me. A time to relax, reflect on the day and take the time to savour and enjoy the meal.I enjoy the entire process. Deciding what to have, preparation and cooking- yes cooking. I don’t care what anyone says, food always tastes better when prepared with respect for the ingredients and a sense of occasion each and every day.

While my daughter Prue was growing up, I was constantly amazed at how many of her friends had no concept of the family meal or for that matter the basic skills of using cutlery. Table manners? Well, I won’t even go there! Eating on the run in front of the TV seems to be the norm now and I thinks it’s sad. When dining out I always see examples of individuals young and not so young,embarrassing themselves, their dining companions and of course the restaurant staff.Manners unfortunately, are declining to the point where in a few years time they will be a distant memory. I believe the parents have a duty to teach their offspring a few basic rules of etiquette and manners and lead by example, which begins in the home!

Speaking of meals, last night we had a magnificent meal. I prepared a large flounder which was then cooked on the BBQ and served with a selection of vegetables and noodles. Even if I say so myself, it was fantastic 🙂


One thought on “Dinner has always been a special time of the day for me.

  1. Bravo!I have banned the TV during meals for that reason. I blame the parents entirely.
    Have followed this blog for a long time now and this is the first time I have commented.
    I enjoy visiting. Cheers

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