That’s a sign of age isn’t it?

I am waiting on confirmation of a 2 day  training course I have applied to take in late November.Recently, I have not taken up any offers of professional development or training, which has been rather remiss of me, so I am quite looking forward to it and meeting other attendees.It is only weeks away and a month after that it will be Christmas again;how the year has flown!That’s a sign of age isn’t it? lol

Poor Chevy has been hiding in the spare room for the last day. I think he is traumatised after  his run in with the cat from next door. He has not presented with any other injuries and I have been trying to coax him to drink some water as he is not interested in food. Nothing I do can tempt him into coming out which is completely out of character for him.

I have underestimated my daughter Prue’s inner strength. I should have known better considering all that has happened recently. I am very proud of her and sorry that I gave her that impression. Ti amo Pruey. Don’t forget 🙂


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