True to style,he was and is as always, arrogance personified.

Does the Government think we are a nation of morons, unable to comprehend the current financial situation? This morning, the Deputy PM refused to divulge the figures( projections etc) received from Treasury. It’s our( the taxpayer’s) money and surely the citizens of this country deserve to know just how this international crisis is going to affect them in regards to employment, inflation, etc?Worse still are the initiatives our beloved PM crowed about during his “address to the nation” last night and the pompous way he announced them(saying nothing at all about how the country came to have such a  large surplus!)True to style,he was and is as always, arrogance personified.

It was great to see that his largesse included the long suffering pensioners(aged and disability)carers and families but he omitted to include the recipients of income support payments, particularly those who have a genuine medical condition which has not been stabilised and ineligible for disability payments or are undertaking a program to assist with medical/psychological or personal issues. These individuals are doing it very hard , yet have been ignored completely. Another indication of how out of touch this government is with what’s going on at street level!

The first home buyers received the biggest early Christmas present. Why? They already receive funding from both Federal and State governments. The premise is to stimulate the economy but can’t the PM  and those advising him see that this is how this recent crisis came to be?Giving more home buyers an entree into the market, only gets them in the front door. After that they must maintain their repayments, which due to the handouts they receive, could in fact be larger that they had originally decided to borrow.What will all this do to inflation?

I am happy that at least this government has the surplus to make such grand gestures, due to the prudent financial management of the previous government. Like them or hate them, you can’t alter history or fail to recognise this fact.


2 thoughts on “True to style,he was and is as always, arrogance personified.

  1. At last someone is telling it as it is.Well done Maureen and well done Mr Howard, Costello and Co. for your sound financial management.

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