I really get tired of my appearance!

Now that the winter has finished, I decided it was the perfect time for a new look and hairstyle.Once I made up my mind that it’s time for a change I was quite excited about it and today was when it was all meant to happen. Everything went well until the hairdresser told me that the chemical was not reacting with my hair- nothing was happening at all. We waited and waited and finally discovered that the shampoo I use contains silicone and creates a  barrier which prevents any chemical penetrating the cortex of the hair shaft. All this after 3 hours in the salon chair. I think the hairdresser was expecting a negative reaction from me but as an ex-hairdresser myself I know things happen and there was no point in making them any worse than they already were. So I left, looking the same as  I had arrived and we have rescheduled for next Tuesday night.I really get tired of my appearance, so change is a good excuse to shop for new clothes and make up too!


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