We share many similar interests and philosophies.

Last night I received a surprise call from a friend and ex-colleague who has recently returned for the Northern Territory where she has been on secondment for several months. It was so good to catch up as there is so much that can be said in person or over the phone, that is lost in translation via email.She said it was a life changing experience for her  and I can understand why. The work in which she was involved meant treading a fine line culturally and she learnt to adapt to the local community and their culture. Although I may not get there in the near future, I am determined to work up there at some stage and listening to her has increased my resolve to do just that.

What both of us did find surprising was how much we have in common. When you become close to someone in a professional capacity, you tend to base most conversations around work and associated interests but it seems we share many similar interests and philosophies.In fact she has asked me to consider a 3 day trip to Sydney before Christmas to take in an art exhibition and do the tourist route; Harbour cruise, bridge climb, etc. It’s tempting that’s for sure but I have a few more important things on my agenda right now.Who knows what may happen in the immediate future and I may be able to get away for a mini break.


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