I got a shock when I saw myself in the mirror this morning.

Today I have been kept busy making laundry gel and general cleaning spray. With the exception of clothing( I cannot sew at all)I endeavour to make as much as I can myself. Besides the economy, I know what goes into the products I use and the food I prepare, which is assuring.I have saved an enormous amount on cleaning products alone and they are mostly natural and eco-friendly.My laundry cupboard is once again looking well stocked and I will not have to undertake this exercise for a few months.

My hair was finally done last night and it does look different. I got a shock when I saw myself in the mirror this morning.  The colour is still dark but the style is radically different and going to take some getting used to!As I was leaving the hairdresser last night there was a fantastic storm – lightning thunder and rain, plenty of rain. I had to wait several minutes before there was enough visibility for me to drive. We need the rain desperately but the storm was short lived and was over within an hour. If we do not get some decent rain soon we are going to be in dire straits. 😦


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